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2019 Carriacou Maroon & String Band Music Festival

Meeting world-class standards, the 2019 Carriacou Maroon & String Band Music Festival is the event for those persons who wish for an experience with a difference. The festival merged the maroon celebration and string band music into one spirit as one united island. Its African origins were depicted through the drumming, singing, smoked food and other rituals practiced by the local people. It epitomizes food, music and culture by bringing people together. As we say, once you have experienced the Carriacou Maroon & String Band Music Festival, your life will never be the same!

Friday April 26th – Belair Heritage Park

On Friday 26th April at 6am, you will experience a genuine maroon in its natural, home setting. Experience the morning rituals of blowing the shell, wetting the ground and the cooking of smoked foods. From 3pm – 6pm, you will eat and share in the ancestral smoked food after which there will be a flambeau parade and dancing of smoked food in the ring, followed by drumming and singing. Remember, the ‘maroon’ has communal and spiritual features all steeped in rich African traditions. At 8pm, you will get the chance to participate in a flambeau parade followed by the official opening ceremony and cultural presentation.

Saturday April 27th – Hillsborough & Belair Heritage Park

At 10am, everyone will meet on Main Street in the town of Hillsborough for ‘Strings in the City’ where various groups perform with string band instruments. Later on that night, the festival stage will come alive at the historical and charming Heritage Village of Belair Park, home of Carriacou’s social and cultural activities.

The program consists of two parts. First is a Cultural Explosion at 9pm, which includes the presentation of Big Drum nation dance, Quadrille dances, Shakespeare Mas and other cultural artforms by both local and regional groups. Secondly, there will be a Foreign Artist Show featuring performances from local acts and visiting groups.

Sunday April 28th – Paradise Beach

An entire evening of pure, untamed and pulsating music; the setting is the magical Paradise Beach with the perfect natural backdrop of Sandy and Mabouya Islands. Just imagine it! The day’s special will consist of a varied menu of tasty seafood. Performances are scheduled to begin at 4pm and will feature Quadrille, Big Drum, Steel pan, and different genres of music from both local and visiting groups.